Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Pics!

Olivia as Baby Jesus in the Christmas play!

Her first snow angel!

The kid's in the first snow storm of the year!

Her first Christmas outfit! Adorable!

Nolan and his Wii steering wheel!

The boys and Aiden at the 1000 Islands

Various Olivia princess pictures!

Her Daddy's Little Deer Outfit!

Our little Pumpkin!

Nolan and "HIS" baby! Don't touch her or else!

Olivia and Minnie Mouse!

Too cute!

So sleepy!

Her smile for Grandpa!

Another big smile!


Nolan and his pumpkin

Gavin and his pumpkin

Mommy and Tinkerbell

Her first real smile...on film! She loves Tinkerbell!

Hospital / Birth Pics

Finally...a new post from us!

Well, it took me long enough to post again! Since our last post, Olivia has been born, and Halloween and Thanksgiving have both pasted, and we're only 2 weeks from Christmas! I'll try to update on all those events...

Olivia's birth was pretty smooth sailing. She was a repeat - C, so it was kind of in and out. We got to the hospital at 9 am. As is my luck, the first nurse screwed up my IV, which was done twice. She also couldn't get a tube of blood drawn...that took 3 tries. Seriously, where do they find these nurses? Then I was scared to death to be awake for the surgery. With Nolan, it was such an emergency c that I was knocked out. This time, I had to be awake. The spinal was horrible...that also took 3 attempts, and I held perfectly still and did what I was told. I didn't cry until the third then I was pissed and it hurt like hell. Once it was finally in, I had some nausea for about 5 minutes...and it's hard to puke when you can't feel your stomach muscles. It passed as suddenly as it started, and no more than 2 minutes later, Joe was holding our little princess. She was perfect! This was on Thursday at 11: 15 am...they let me go home Saturday morning around 10 am. It was a quick in and out considering it was a c-section. Although, the meds were pretty good...that helped...

On to Halloween...Nolan refused to dress up this year. Gavin was Batman...and has loved Batman since. We let him watch the Dark Knight with us on the snow day on Tuesday...bad idea...not really "kid friendly". So now we're sticking to Batman cartoons on Comedy Central. We went trick or treating with my sister Kelly 's family and my brother Payton...they all had a blast!

Thanksgiving was next. We spent the day with Kelly's family, my parents, and Payton at my parent's house and had a blast. We always do over there. The kids played all day, minus Gavin. He was at his mom's house, and we missed him. We did have an exciting day...a squirrel completed the circuit for the transformer down the street and was blown to pieces...and the whole street lost power for about 2 hours. Our dinner was cooked already, so we were fine, but there were a lot of crabby cookers on the street! LOL! We had dinner at Joe's mom's house on Sunday, and Gavin was with us for that. Nolan, very true to himself, played video games the whole time while Gavin played Legos. But they had a blast. They sure love their grandmas!

Olivia has been growing like crazy. She had her first real smile on Halloween in her Tinkerbell costume, which I got on film. And she rolled over on election day for the first time - Nov 4th. Since then she's been smiling like crazy, starting to make babbling noises and talking, and is really starting to develop her personality. She really is a little princess...and spoiled rotten like one!

Enjoy the pics! They cover the last few months! :)